Once again we are running four seminars focused on several key areas of enterprise communications. Please read the below and select one seminar from stream 1 and one from stream 2 when registering.

Each seminar is focused on a different technology trend or hot topic that is at the top of the agenda for IT leaders. Chaired by an Azzurri specialist, we've gathered expert panelists from relevant technology areas to dissect and debate these issues, with plenty of time in each session for delegate questions.



Businesses are showing a real appetite for change, as they all rush to adopt and adapt the latest mobile technology and trends across their organisation, driving greater productivity and competitive differentiation.

In this seminar session, Azzurri and leading mobile technology experts will investigate three rapidly developing trends in the enterprise mobility space as organisations rush to mobilise their workforces.

  • Look, no wires!

Wireless technology – 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi – is enabling organisations to change the way they do business. Here we’ll look at the key issues and highlight examples of businesses adopting different ways of working wirelessly, including instant offices with 3G/4G routers, the effect of 4G on app use cases and video, wearable tech and more

  • Look, no laptop!

How and when should organisations embrace new devices, such as leaving laptops behind and taking tablets? We’ll look at a range of new form factors and assess which are best for business use. How do you enable key line of business (or any needed) applications on appropriate mobile devices? We’ll also examine the thorny issue of device management and security – what do you need to secure your devices and information?

  • Look, no office!

How can you can effectively embrace the cloud into your mobile strategy and work anywhere? Here we’ll offer insight into what cloud apps are right for your business, including document editing, Office365, Enterprise File Share & Sync and more. We’ll also examine how key productivity enablers such as Lync, Instant Messaging, Presence and Conferencing can be mobilised effectively.

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Security is, and always will be a priority. And with the increasing digitisation of the workplace, maintaining secure communications and collaboration across your increasingly dispersed people, devices, applications and information requires an intelligent, multi-faceted approach.

Get it right and it’s taken for granted, but get it wrong and there can be potentially business and career crippling repercussions.

IT leaders are challenged to find the right balance between the need to secure communications and security becoming a roadblock to progress and innovation. But to strike this balance, more sophisticated methods of risk assessment and risk mitigation from a process and tool perspective will be essential.

In this seminar session, Azzurri and security specialists will offer practical tips and expert guidance tackling some of the common communications security challenges including:
  • Toll fraud - the average toll fraud incident costs between £5,000 and £250,000 per incident, how is it caused and what can you do about it?
  • Call concerns - tackling nuisance callers, free internet calling, wire-tapping and listening to voice calls
  • Securing the network - securing your Wi-Fi, LAN and corporate network from guests, DDoS attacks, rogue access and BYOX.
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The nature of customer contact is changing faster than most contact centres can handle.

Consumers don’t simply choose the best channel to contact your organisation anymore; they choose the best combination of channels. An SMS prompt takes a smart phone user to a website, leading to video call, followed by an email confirmation. And while the customer knows exactly what they have done, how many contact centres can keep track and manage multi-channel interactions in real time?

Younger generations are conditioned to swiftly adopt new digital channels and are happy to self-serve, while older clients are becoming increasingly confident in the new, ubiquitous technology options like social media and IM. Self-service technologies continue to improve with advances in voice recognition and more seamless links between mobile applications and the web. It’s clear that the traditional focuses of voice and email will increasingly be only a part of the solution, rather than at the core of customer contact.

Self-service, websites and voice recognition will all play a key role in the increasingly digitised world of customer service – and contact centres need to adapt or become irrelevant.

This seminar investigates the challenge contact centres face in serving their customers with contributions from Azzurri and several leading contact centre technology vendors.

Key talking points will include:
  • The changing customer engagement model
  • Providing consistent service across different channels
  • Self-service in an omni-channel world
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Seminar 4: ‘UC at your Service?’

Employees are completely reliant on their technology to function. And ultimately content, communications and collaboration are the key focuses of the digital workplace. Effective Unified Communications (UC) can help change your organisation for the better.

The big debate around enterprise communications and collaboration is whether to keep this on-premise or to move into the cloud? It's a seismic marketplace and Microsoft have disrupted the status quo and created uncertainty in the IT community about the best approach, encouraging existing major players into producing cloud variations for their own portfolio.

The traditional on-premise approach enables you to retain control but service assurance is a risk. Whereas simplified cloud can mean compromising with a 'one size fits all' model. And new cloud and hosted services are now available which promise an entirely customisable UC experience, but with all the benefits of cloud in availability, commercial flexibility and transferring risks. As a result, IT leaders often aren't working to the same clearly defined 'end goal' anymore and have key decisions to make. In this rapidly changing environment it's important to ADAPT to change that is forced upon us (legal or market shifts); EVOLVE systems to take advantage of enhancements and new technologies; TRANSFORM to incorporate new ways of working.In this seminar session, we’ll offer expert advice on how to ensure your technology is actually serving your business, enhancing productivity and delivering value. Key talking points will include:

  • ADAPT to legal, vendor and technology changes in the marketplace
  • EVOLVE UC and collaboration systems to suit your needs and remain flexible and agile
  • TRANSFORM your collaboration strategy and employee culture to deliver new levels of productivity and agility
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